Fabric Reinforced Coating System – North Dakota & South Dakota


Does your commercial roof have problems with leaks? Or perhaps it’s struggling with other issues. You can count on Mid-West Roofing Systems for effective answers. We provide a full range of solutions for effective, lasting protection.

One solution is the Conklin Fabric Reinforced System. This system combines the waterproofing & resistance of a coating system with the durability of a single-ply roof. There’s no need to resort to costly roof replacement when you have this system installed.

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What is Fabric Reinforced System?

Recommended for:

  • EPDM
  • Modified bitumen
  • Built-up roofing
  • Exterior sheeting
  • Metal roof assemblies
  • Concrete
  • Composite decking
  • ISO board insulation

The Fabric Reinforced System is made up of a seamless acrylic coating, which is embedded with a tough, flexible, 100-percent knit polyester fabric. Here are the benefits of this great roofing system:

  • Ideal for new or re-roofing applications
  • Creates durable, flexible membrane
  • Extends existing roof’s life
  • Fully adhered & seam-free
  • Fabric meets military-grade performance standards
  • Reinforces seams & exposed areas
  • Greatly strengthens roof
  • Adds hardly any roof load
  • Sustainable, waterproof & energy-efficient
  • Resists splitting & rupturing

It can be backed with a non-prorated, no-dollar-limit warranty for up to 18 years!

Surface thoroughly cleansed

Base coat applied & seams and exposed areas reinforced with fabric

Save on Costs

The Fabric Reinforced System comes with many other advantages as well. These benefits end up in the form of long-term cost savings & avoided expenses. Here’s a rundown:

  • No entry points for water
  • Resists strong winds, hail, UV degradation & more
  • Avoid replacement costs & disruptions
  • Great tensile strength & durability
  • Stretches & contracts
  • Recognized by major code approval agencies
  • Can reflect 85% of sun’s rays
  • May give 30% A/C cost savings
  • Lower maintenance & upkeep costs
  • Can be recoated for extended performance
  • Could reduce building’s energy use
  • ENERGY STAR® certified

As the Fabric Reinforced System is recoatable, its warranty can be extended!

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White, UV-resistant top coat applied

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