Metal Roof Repair Jamestown, ND

Filtering Out the Drawbacks


Although their initial cost is a tad higher, metal roofs more than recover this extra investment through a longer lifespan, negligible maintenance, recyclability, and the ability to withstand dangerous weather elements including 140-mph winds.

Rusting however is an issue with metal roofs. Metals expand and contract readily with temperature changes and this causes metal roof coatings to crack thereby exposing bare metal to air and moisture. They are also prone to leaks around bolts and rusted sections. Because they conduct heat, they escalate HVAC energy bills.

Mid-West Roofing Systems has the seasoned experience and the trained manpower to help you realize all the perks that metal roofs offer while blocking out all the detriments. Call us at (701) 500-9399 for all kinds of metal roof repair in Jamestown, ND and get a free estimate immediately.

For best results, we use the finest-quality Conklin® metal roof restoration systems that keep your metal roof strong and healthy for decades while reducing roofing expenses.  Don’t settle for second-rate materials and contractors. Choose the best. Call us today.

Mid-West’s Comprehensive Roof Care


Numerous industry reports have repeatedly brought out the fact that building owners neglect roof maintenance. When the roof makes its deficiencies felt, they panic and replace the roof instead of patiently exploring repair and restoration options.

Here are a few important points in this regard:

  • Well-maintained roofs last twice or three times as long as unmaintained roofs
  • Replacements are significantly more expensive as repairs and restorations
  • Unplanned roof expenses make up 25% of total roof expenditure

Call Mid-West Roofing Systems at (701) 500-9399 to know more on how to save on expenses for your metal roof.  Combining the top quality of Conklin materials with our superior professionalism, workmanship, and commitment ensures the continuity of your business operations under the metal roof. Conklin metal roof restoration products:

On-Site Estimates

(701) 500-9399

  • Provide total (100%), renewable labor and material guarantee for as much as 20 years
  • Add decades of life to your metal roof
  • Resist rusting
  • Form a seamless, waterproof membrane
  • Withstand hurricane-force winds and storms
  • Lower rooftop temperatures by a maximum of 800
  • Save hundreds of dollars on heating-cooling energy costs
  • Carry ENERGY STAR® certification that provides tax advantages
  • Hold Class-A fire resistance certification
  • Require minimal maintenance

With the exceptional manner in which we apply Conklin’s systems, our customers report that these benefits are available almost immediately. Positive customer reviews are indeed the best certificate!

Call us today at (701) 500-9399 to learn how you can eliminate roofing stress from your life!

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