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A carefully planned roof inspection and maintenance program can make all the difference in the longevity of your roofing system.  If you neglect your roof you can easily eat through the roofing budget that you set aside.  With regular roof inspection small repairs or defects can be addressed before they are able to grow and cause extensive damage to your roofing substrate.  If neglected for too long, you could not only have a premature roof failure, but you could also have damage to your buildings structure.

When you’re ready to learn more about the roof inspection schedules we offer at Mid-West Roofing, please call our office at 701-500-9399.  We’ll help you keep your roof performing at its best.

Inspection Schedules


Weather Related Inspections – The Mid-West Roofing team is here for you 24/7.  Has a storm rolled through town and you’re unsure if damage as occurred?  Perhaps a tree limb fell on your roof and you want to verify your roofing membrane is still functioning as it should.  Some signs of roofing damage aren’t as obvious as others, so it’s always suggested to trust a roofing contractor to perform inspections after any traumatic weather event.

Biannual Roof Inspections – Commercial roofing industry standards recommend that your commercial roof should be inspected at least twice per year.  These inspections are normally done in the spring then again in the fall.  This is the time they will be the most beneficial to your facility because they follow the more extreme weather conditions.  Did the weight of winters snow or ice cause damage to your roof?  Did summers heat cause your roof to crack or blister?  Without a proper inspection schedule, you may never know.

Let the Mid-West Roofing team help you regularly maintain your roof.  During your all-points roof inspection, we will make sure to report on the current condition, any repairs that are currently necessary, the life expectancy of your roof, and more.  We also provide you with a detailed report for you to keep, which can assist you in future insurance claims.  Call our office today to learn more about the numerous benefits our inspection program provides.  You can reach us at 701-500-9399.

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