Rubber Roof Repair Jamestown, ND

The Extensive Spread of Rubber Roofs


Across the Mid-West, more and more building owners are opting for rubber coats particularly for flat commercial roofs. The same is largely true for buildings with sloped roofs in most parts of the country. Why? Rubber roofs can last for up to 12-25 years with minimal maintenance and protect against fire, chemicals, and weather.

Prolonged exposure to sun and severe weather can form cracks on flat roofs and cause widespread leaks. When this happens, replacement might seem to be the only option but it is expensive, time-consuming, and cannot guarantee the non-occurrence of future issues. Call Mid-West Roofing Systems at (701) 500-9399 for all kinds of rubber roof repair in Jamestown, ND. Our top-class roofing professionals will walk you through the repair process while simplifying complex technicalities and saving you money in the process.

Of particular note are EPDM i.e. ethylene propylene diene monomer roofs. EPDM is a kind of synthetic rubber. EPDM roofs have protected buildings for over 50 years. You can find them shielding famous facilities such as JFK Airport, Kennedy Space Center, Marriot Hotels, and Holiday Inn.

Strength in Flexibility


While most other roof coatings require multiple coats, one single coat of rubber EPDM offers lasting protection. These coatings can be applied on multiple roofing substrates and offer:

  • Thermal and Crack Resistance: EPDM rubber is flexible even at extreme temperatures. It expands and contracts with changing temperatures and never leaves the bare roof exposed
  • Lightweight: as only one coat is enough
  • Ponding Resistance: does not allow small ponds to form on the roof surface. Ponding is particularly an issue for flat commercial roofs and promotes the growth of leaks, cracks, blisters, vegetation, tears etc.
  • Minimum Lifecycle Costs: due to its long life
  • Weather Resistance: endures strong winds, sun, rain, and snow
  • Low Maintenance

Call Mid-West Roofing Systems today at (701) 500-9399 if you wish to gain these virtues. We use top-quality Conklin® rubber roof restoration systems that form a seamless, waterproof, and weather-resistant membrane over your roof and:

  • Prevent exorbitant roof replacements
  • Save you from stressful temporary fixes
  • Save your energy expenses on heating and cooling
  • Minimize long-term maintenance
  • Extend roof life for a maximum 40 years
  • Are guaranteed against all labor and material flaws for up to 20 years
  • Lowers rooftop temperatures by as much as 800

Why Choose Mid-West Roofing Systems?

When you call Mid-West Roofing Systems at (701) 500-9399, you automatically gain from:

On-Site Estimates

(701) 500-9399

  • Free estimates
  • Highest standard commercial roofing solutions
  • Defined project objectives
  • Trained, seasoned, quick, precise, and respectful personnel
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded contractor
  • Customized solutions with personalized focus
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Years of minimum roof maintenance
  • Great savings on energy costs

To learn more about the many ways Mid-West Roofing system can save you time and money, call us today.

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